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Frequently Asked Questions and Thoughts
How many faces can you paint in an hour?            This is a very difficult question and can't be answered precisely, as different children want different thing painted and are                                                                                 sometimes not ready right away. I like to give an estimate of 10 kids an hour.. 

I think I just want cheek art - it's quicker.                You might think cheek or arm art is quicker than getting a face painted, but that's not always true. A half-face unicorn or a                                                                                 monster mask can be knocked out faster than a little truck or a mermaid; it's some pats, swipes and swooshes of a                                                                                 sponge, some line work and a little embellishment, while mermaids and trucks take multiple brushes and colors and look                                                                                 good because they're painted carefully.

What do you need for the event?                           A set up space with decent light, two chairs and a small table.

What if I want you to stay longer?                          As long as I don't have another gig coming up, I'll be happy to stay longer. The rate is the same and it must be a minimum                                                                                of half an hour

Do you need a deposit?                                         Yes, a non-refundable 50% deposit and contract is required to prevent cancellation without notification.

Do you donate your time to events?                      Many face painters are asked very frequently to do events for free, however, as a business, it is not possible to agree to                                                                                all of them. It  takes a lot of  time, practice, preparation and money to build even a modest face painting business.                                                                                Partyfaces offers reduced fees for events and fundraisers over three hours long, and may donate time to one or two                                                                                          events a year.