How to keep an online dating conversation going

When you meet someone through your online dating app, the best way to get to know them better is by chatting with them. It is a great way to establish a relationship with your potential beau without having to dress up and endure the awkward moments of a first date. 


How can you keep the flow of conversation going to keep them interested? 

Like face-to-face first dates, there will be moments during your online dating conversation where the topics you guys have readied have already run their course. With nothing else to say, do you simply say your goodbyes and talk again some other time? No! 

Making sure that the person you are talking to on the other end will look forward to another chance to chat is important if you want your relationship to progress. You don’t want to exhaust everything that makes you interesting to them right from the start. Doing so can run the risk of them getting bored with you.

Here are a few tips on how to make your online conversation more interesting:

Don’t give away too much about yourself

Yes, you are getting to know each other online, but what about when you actually meet in person? You can save up some of your best stories and such for that time. That way, you won’t fizzle out of topics.

Ask them questions 

The best way to stop the date from ending when you’ve run out of things to say is to stop talking and start listening. Ask them questions about anything and everything that may come up. From there, more topics, opinions, and questions will pop out of you that you may be surprised how long your back and forth will last.

Give them something to wait for

If the person you are chatting with starts to look forward to your regular messages, then you are on the right track. A great way to help this along is to put a pin on a really interesting conversation so that you can continue on your next virtual date. Doing this, not too often, will allow your online date to get even more excited for next time.

Talk about your interests

Whether it is current events, music, movies, or books, hobbies, and interests are always a great topic for conversation. This is even better if you have a lot in common. If not, then spark up your own curiosity and ask about their favorite things to do. There are a lot of things to chat about that can make you find common interests.

Build rapport

One simple thing that you can do to make people like you at online dating apps is to build rapport. It is to form a connection and to make people like you. To keep the conversation going at any given point, you can agree with people and expanded what was said. There are the things that you can agree with and it is certainly a lot better than disagreeing, so let the conversation keep on going by encouraging the person to keep on expanding what they say.